Sunday, May 17, 2009

Night out at "Education Lottery 200 Truck Race"

May 15th, 2009 Friday night at my 1st race.
The day was here and I was so pumped up to go to my first race. A coworker had given me the tickets because she knew my husband was into NASCAR! And I was just as excited to receive them because I had never been to a 'real' race.
So work ended for me at 12:30pm and I was off to get my pedicure and pick up Hunter from daycare. Sitting in traffic (typical in Huntersville, NC) awaiting to meet up with my husband and our good friend Mark so that we could head out to Lowes Motor Speedway.

Our sitter Katherine arrived at 3:30 and we were off, only to sit in more traffic. We arrived to the track and you could feel the buzz in the air of people, race vendors, food vendors, etc. After a drink, and a couple of rain sprinkles we walked with a group up to the speedway. How cool!! Stopped for a margarita and found our seats....oops wrong section LOL. We were able to see qualifying for the All Star race. I was so shocked to see what a difference it was in REAL life vs. television. I felt like a kid! I wanted to eat everything in sight, just for the sheer experience of being at the track.

The trucks were lined up and the race was about to start. A HUGE black cloud started to hover the track, but floated away and we were able to enjoy the race. My husband, who is a huge Kevin Harvick fan, was hoping to see Ron Hornaday win this race.....and HE DID! My husband had such a good time and it was fun to watch him!

I know this is the first of many races! LOVED IT!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Juggling life today with everyday events....

Hello my name is Tara. I am a 33 yr old mom, wife, nurse, housekeeper, auditor, organizer, taxi driver....and the list goes on ;)
I work full time as an RN for pediatrics and manage my life as a mom and wife very crazy. I am all over the place with toughts and tasks. But somehow at the end of the day, it is all taken care of and I sleep well at night. I would like to know if anyone has any input on keeping it all together when juggling all of life's events.